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Blue Fairy Otterhounds 2015 - Who's Singing?

Blue Fairy Otterhounds 2015 - Who's Singing?

Otterhounds Bella, Phoebe & Ozzy baying on the top of the stairs (February 2015). To learn more about Otterhounds and the Blue Fairy Pack, visit www.

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Is an Otterhound the Right Dog for You?

The Otterhound is a large, shaggy scenthound who nearly disappeared after hunting otters became illegal in Britain, but fans have repurposed him as a ...

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Otterhound - Top 10 Interesting Facts

The large and rough-coated Otterhound was originally bred for hunting otter in England. There are TOP 10 interesting facts about Otterhound. 2 DOLLARS CAN ...

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Otterhound | Crufts Breed Information

Here's an exclusive look into Otterhounds with tips and advice from experienced owners. Be sure to come and meet over 200 different breeds of dogs at ...

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Otterhound at work

Mister Dexter beim Training in Sennwald.

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Otterhounds Richard & Judy

Teckelgarth Otterhounds on Richard & Judy with Maria Lergo talking about vunerable breeds.

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Blue Fairy Otterhound Puppy 2015: The Big Outdoors

6-week old Otterhound puppy tracking outdoors. www.BlueFairyOtterhounds.com.

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Willie, the ferocious otterhound..!!!!

Willie attacks with ferocity to Niko the puppy borzoi...!!!!

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Lucy baying

Lucy baying.

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Briscoe the Otterhound

Briscoe passing through the water near Ranger, Texas.

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Blue Fairy Otterhound Puppies 2016: Mayhem Inside

6-week old Otterhound puppies playing. (May 2016) www.BlueFairyOtterhounds.com.

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Otter Hound and Pyrenean Shepherd 1-3-12

Featured breeds: Otter Hound and Pyrenean Shepherd on All About Dogs.

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Develin Otterhounds

Tom Develin will be competing with his Otterhound Creed at the 2017 Westminster Kennel Club show. In this video he talks a little about the breed.

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Blue Fairy Otterhounds: Ozzy Singing

2-year old Otterhound Ozzy singing on the top of the stairs (Jan 2013). www.BlueFairyOtterhounds.com.

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Otterhound Video


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Vulnerable Breeds Parade 2008 - Otterhound

Richard Griffiths, master of the Pembroke and Carmarthen Otterhounds, shows off some Otterhounds in the Vulnerable Breeds parade at Crufts 2008. Only 38 ...

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Otterhound - AKC Dog Breed Series

Learn more about Otterhound http://www.akc.org/dog-breeds/otterhound/

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Blue Fairy Otterhounds - How to Drink Water Otterhound Style

Otterhound puppies Bella & Addie (5 months old) show their water drinking talents (August 2012). www.BlueFairyOtterhounds.com.

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The 2015 Otterhound Club of America National Specialty!

See all the Otterhounds compete for Best of Breed!

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Otterhounds Sing 1

Otterhounds Sing 1.

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Blue Fairy Otterhound Puppies 2016: Three Amigos

The remaining 3 9-week old Otterhound puppies playing. www.BlueFairyOtterhounds.com.

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Hot on a trail - baying Otterhound

Murphy when she was about one, hot on a scent of a raccoon on a rainy day.

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Rocky the Otterhound: Otterhounds talk!

Rocky Otterhound talks for a treat.

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The National Dog Show 2014: Otterhound

The Otterhound is an old and rare breed thought to have originated in France, achieved by crossing Bloodhounds with rough-haired terriers, Harriers, and ...

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Rocky the Otterhound: Otterhound Eros sings on demand

At the recent Otterhound Fun Day Eros demonstrated his considerable talent for singing and his wonderful voise.

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Otterhound Dave

Dave with his Christmas present.

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Otterhound Puppies


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Meet rare Otterhound Max

Max the 4-year-old Otterhound has become a local celebrity in Stathern since he moved there in December. His breed is said to be more endangered than the ...

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Rocky the Otterhound: Otterhounds got Talent.

Rocky and Rosie Otterhound sing in tune?!

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Blue Fairy Otterhound Puppies 2016: Playing with Mom

5-week old Otterhound puppies play with their Mom Addie (April 2016). www.BlueFairyOtterhounds.com.

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Otterhound part 1

Adoptii caini de rasa Otterhound http://www.adoptiicaini.ro/otterhound/ Ajuta un catel sa isi gaseasca adapost promovandu-l pe blogul sau pe pagina ta web.

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Blue Fairy Otterhound Puppies in Action (August 2012)

Otterhound puppies Bella & Addie (5 months old) and Ozzy & Woody (20 months old) play in the yard (Aug 2012). www.BlueFairyOtterhounds.com.

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Morgan the Otterhound does agility

Morgan does a short sequence.

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Otterhound Puppies

Houndville A-Litter.

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